Have a book of business? Call on businesses?

Add another income stream by referring
your existing business contacts!

Here are the facts – it’s hard to make it with one income stream. So adding another one with little effort can help create a cushion for you, maybe pay down debt or create that nest egg… or frankly pay the higher gasoline bill at the pump. 

And you don't have to "work" at it.  Just introduce me to your contacts… give them my business card or flyer.   Most of my other business bird dogs say "hey Mr./Ms. business owner... I think you should talk with _____  they've helped some of my other businesses that I see.”

The most successful bird dogs say – (as they hand them my card) "can she give you a call?"  What’s the best number she can reach you.  Of course I will explain to you what I'm doing - how I help business. (and I do).

You will know everything up front to make sure that you understand what I do – and frankly – by me helping them – it will keep them in business… so they can keep doing business with YOU!

What do you earn as a one time referral fee?  When I meet with them, if they give me less than $1,000 then you earn $50.  If it's over $1000, you get a $100 fee.   Over $3000, then you get $200.  You receive a fee of $300 if I walk out with over 6K (they can use check or credit card).   Referral checks go out to you approx 2 weeks after sale (sooner after I get my commission). Yes, you will be filling out a 1099 at start – most of my bird dogs earn over $600 within their first 2 months so it is reportable.
Those Bird Dogs who refer consistently earn addtional bonuses.   I appreciate referrals and introductions.   I do my best to make sure that your clients are happy and that you are too! :)

See what our clients say about us at the bottom of this page.

What are the best companies...  who am I looking for?

Businesses that have receivables or who take checks (list at bottom of this page).  You see, I help them to recover late monies due them in a very cost effective manner. Usually less than 10% (compaired to the 50% that traditional collections take).  Often see it around 5% and return on investment of the system I've seen as high as 1700%.   Our system gets results and help keep clients.


It's a great system and most business owners understand that it increases their bottom line by capturing funds they have already earned... but that haven't made it to their wallet.

Who can "bird dog" for me??

Here are types of bird dogs that seem to do well, but read on as I'm expanding my markets: Insurance agents who cater to businesses, sales reps who call on medical companies (and who can get to bus owner), pharmaceutical reps who have good relationships with the doctor/owner, aflac type insurance agents that cater to business, dental equipment reps, sales people to contractors, health insurance agents who sell to business groups, credit card machine sales people… maybe you? Who do you sell to?

Let me know your markets info@BusinessBirdDogs.com

Here’s the way it works:  

If they say I can call them, I do.  You email me their phone and email address.  I call once (and usually have to leave a message and I mention that you introduced me and thought I might be of service). Then I send a follow up email.  I DO NOT CHASE THEM.  If they have a relationship with you, then usually it takes a couple of days and I have an appt.  I have many bird dogs and cannot keep chasing the prospect. I have found if I don’t get a response with a week or so, it wasn’t a real lead. (although I have had times when I get a callback months later – of course you still get the referral fee when they get set up. :)

EMAIL:   info@BusinessBirdDogs.com

Here are the businesses that tend to need my help including my expanded markets:





Medical Practices/Physicians

Temp Services

Construction Companies

Lumber Yards

Funeral Homes

Law Practices


Restaurant Suppliers

Auto Dealerships




Electrical Suppliers

Propane/Fuel Oil Suppliers

Community Banks


Do you sell to/ have relationships with any of these types of businesses?

email me:  info@BusinessBirdDogs.com

Here are some client responses:

"System has PAID FOR ITSELF within 2 months of entering majority of our delinquent account on-line.  We Really appreciate having our customers pay us directly because we feel it helps us maintain the good relationships we have with many of them."  Veterinary Service

 (Only used 20% of system when they wrote this):  "Our initial cost for the TCI system has returned a ROI of over 110% with a total cost of collection being less that 8%"   Architecture Firm

"To date we have already seen a 332% return on our investment with your company, while only using 12.5% of the total system".  Mobility Dealer

"Having used less than 5% of our Binary System, we have already experienced a 243% return on our investment!  The online system is user friendly and very easy to use".  Pool Service

"The first accounts we gave you were the accounts that our previous agency hadn't collected.  Most of the accounts were six months to two years old.  You collected over 50% of those accounts and over $23,000.  We now place our accounts around 90 days past due.  Our recovery ratio is over 60%"   Water Quality Service


"From our first collection alone we received a return on our investment of 61%.  It happened in only 13 days. ~  To date, we've received a 119% ROI in only 26 days and we still have over 93% of our system remaining".  Flooring Specialist

"Collected $21,487 and we still have 80% of the system to use.  Our first account collected was more than our whole system cost".  Environmental Cleanup

"So far you have recovered more than $13,200 of my money and the cost of colelction is about 4%.  The prior agency was taking 50% when they collected".   Manufacturing Company

"We have only placed 28% of our accounts that we signed up for and you have already recovered 138% of our investment in lesss than 30 days, on accounts we thought were uncollectable".    Auto Parts

"According to our records, we have placed over 5 Million dollars in past due monies with your company and to date, you have been able to resolve almost half of that!  We have been a client for almost 10 years and couldn't imagine doing this any other way.  With the low, fixed fee per account, the cost to collect the money has been extremely low".   College


"With easy on-line service we are able to check each account without having to take the time to contact someone at the agency to look up the information for us.   We receive the money from the clients and post our own payments as they are received".    HVAC

"I highly recommend this sytem to any business that has slow paying customers.  It has been a great addition to our company's A/R Department in helping us collect from those we previously had to write off as uncollectible."    Medical Equipment company

"We had been writing off our accounts that we could not collect on.  We are very impressed with your service and the ability to recover accounts at a very low fee!"    Design & Advertising Services


"We have only been a client for 3 months and you have already collected over $12,000 of our outstanding debt.  The wonderful thing is that you don't take a percentage of what you collect in the primary phase."   Mechanical Service = Kitchen Equip & Refrigeration

"Even with the initial batch of aged accounts, many of which were over 3 years old, the system has paid for itself and we still have two-thirds of the system to go.  In addition, we have been able to reduce our overhead.  The time involved in dealing with collections ha been reduced, allowing us to focus on more positive aspects of our business."    Florist & Gift Company

"We received a 127% return on investment from the first 7 accounts that you collected.  Additionally, almost all of the accounts also repaid the collection fee which means free collections to us".  Pest Control


"I am pleased to say that we are saving money by using their online system rather than our attorney.  Come to find out, the attorney we were using also uses you to collect on his accounts.   Because of you 100% guarantee and your low fee, it's truly a no-brainer decision for us".  Media Group - Advertising & Video

"Your online system is very simple to use and the accurate daily updating makes monitoring accounts easy.  Your low fixed-fee was recovered in my first check".   Irrigation Company

"We signed our contract in July and in the first 90 days, we have experienced 10 times our return on our investment".  Electrical Services


“Received our first payment within 17 days of entering an account.  We had been using a traditional collection agency which was taking 33% per account.   The best part of your collect fee is that it’s added back to the debtor, which makes our collections FREE.”  Car Sales Company

“Our company had $10,676.11 of uncollected debt.  You have already collected $10,194.45.  That is approximately $1700% return on my investment.   Truck & Trailer Sales & Service


“The account had not responded to our internal collection attempts for almost 6 months.  Approximately 6 weeks after the account was placed with you, we received a payment.  From this first collection alone, DMO received an 816% return on investment.”  Security System